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" I believe each person

  has the innate ability

  to heal, I will unlock

  that ability for you! "

Dr. John Su is a graduate of Medical School at Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China with a Medical Degree

of Chinese/Western Medicine and Acupuncture.

He is a member of MARA -Maritime Association of Registered

Acupuncturists, he has excellent hospital and clinic experiences

in both of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine therapies.

At Amazing Hope Wellness Clinic, Dr. Su will give the patient a

homelike environment with warmness, friendliness and happiness

from his highest quality health care services

Health Benefit of Drinking Warm Water

I always tell my patients should always drink warm water, even the water at room temperature is not warm enough for our body because they will lower the temperature of our stomach and the water will not evaporate out of our stomach to moisturize our throats, which is why people will still feel thirsty after drinking lots of cold water. You may often hear all kinds of cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer........, but you have never heard of heart cancer! Because the heart is the warmest organ in our body's various organs. For your health stay away from all the cold stuff.....!

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